PSA: Donating to Charities

In the wake of recent tragedies, not just Hurricane Katrina but also from catastrophes and tragedies that have been happening around the world, we are moved to help in some way. Charities are practically tripping over themselves to get onto every news channel possible so they can tell millions of Americans how they can contribute hard-earned dollars to their relief efforts. Websites are also creating their own means for donating, and thousands upon thousands of dollars are being raised so that the money can… uh, wait. I just gave you $100 – what is it that you stand for and where is my money going?

And this is the problem. It’s wonderful to donate, and I encourage anyone who has the means to do so, but before you give any organization or individual your money, be sure that you have looked into who they are, what they stand for, and where that money is going. The point of donating is so that nearly every penny you give will reach the people in need. Before you give, go to a website and look at what they stand for. Try to do a little bit of research into an organization before you give. It’s not enough to just recognize the charity name and and write them a check – go to their website and look into their mission statement first. Be sure that you agree with what the organization stands for and how they are going to use your money before you give.


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