Paying Penance with Randomness

by blue midget

I usually have a bit of time at work to do some websurfing, and of course I have my usual list of sites that I check daily. Oh hell, let’s not beat around the bush – I have a TON of time to websurf and write for the site. About a year ago when I started with my current company, I was doing ten times the work I do now and was paid considerably less. Then a better position in another department opened which I applied for and was hired, and now I have a better title and more money although I do a whole lot less. Figures, doesn’t it? It’s very Office Space. The guy I now work for is one of those last minute people, which isn’t too big of a deal except that he’s very picky about details. As in, after I scramble to put together a last minute proposal and it needs to go to compliance right then or it’s not going to make it on time, he wants me to change the font size one up on half of the proposal. This week is one of those weeks where a lot needs to get done and he’s waited until the last possible week to do it.

And that’s why you haven’t seen anything on the site in the last day or so. This bothers me because when I go to my favorite sites I like to see something to read, even if it’s five minutes of crap that I have no interest in. My job leaves me a lot of spare time, and when you’re on your third day of having nothing to do, you appreciate the dumbest ways to spend your time because it keeps you from thinking about how bored you are. No, don’t email me your work. I’m not that bad off, really. Read the rest of this entry »