Halffull Gear: Sarcastic Chic

by blue midget

After a long and grueling staff meeting (and I use the words “staff” and “meeting” loosely here) most of the old items available in the halffull.org shop were killed and replaced with some of the nifty items you’re seeing over on the sidebar. Old items still include the ever offensive but popular Halffull Happy Bear. This has been our most popular item, and it’s funny, so we couldn’t get rid of it. He’s a cute and cuddly little teddy bear whose shirt says “want a hug? go fuck yourself.” The perfect gift.

The coaster, mousepad and regular coffee cup have also stayed the same, just in case a few of you out there are scared of change. This is about all that’s stayed the same, so grab your blankey you crybaby, because here we go.

We have some new shirts that come in different colors. These are cool because they have the simple logo on the front with “halffull” on the back. (You thought it was going to say “poker” on the back, didn’t you? Whack job.) There’s also a women’s shirt that comes in pink, blue-green and yellow.

More up on the shirts: We’ve got a new one that says “My website can beat up your website.” Unfortunately this one is in a hideous shade of green and doesn’t appear to be available in any other colors. Uh, we’ll look into that. It’s a cool shirt, and I would wear one if it wasn’t going to make me look as if I had been drowning in LIMEADE. It does also come in a nice sweatshirt version if you prefer a more subdued color.

Moving along are the Optimist items. Originally this was a t-shirt, and we liked the idea so much that we couldn’t get rid of it, although we felt that it needed a new take on life. So now you can have your very own Jumbo Coffee Mug. Tell your friends, co-workers, and the asses who haul you into a meeting first thing Monday morning or at 3:30pm on a Friday: “I’m an optimist. It’s my only comfort as the world goes to hell.” Also available as a sweatshirt .

The Halffull Stein also had a little facelift. Every cool person owns a stein. The most cool people own Halffull steins. Get one today and support your favorite site! Or, get one and support this cool site that you happen to read a few times a week. Whatever.

Last, but not least, the Halffull hat has also had a little facelift in the same manner as the stein. Black and tasteful, all your friends will want one. Or, at least they’ll be asking you what in the hell “halffull” means. Consider it a conversation piece.

We will be adding more items to the site over the next few weeks, so if you like the site and you’re having a good time, please support us by buying some of our gear. Or, if you aren’t having a good time, but hulk’s doing a good job of pissing you off every couple of weeks, support the site. After all, you’re coming back time and again just to see how mad you can get. Support your anger and buy a bear.

EDIT: We have now added a white “My website could be up your website” t-shirt for anyone who doesn’t want to advertise that they really really like green Kool Aid. You can find it here. Send me an email at Ask Blue Midget if you have any questions.