Free Parking, Or: Your rant here

by hulk

This site runs a huge risk of groupthink. The problem is izzat has moved away and it is unknown when or if she will post again. She was our sole liberal voice. That leaves us in the dangerous cycle of me ranting, some random person writing a one-sentence “You’re wrong!” type comment, and before you know it I get lazy in my ranting and I write stuff like, “I don’t like liberals. Therefore I’m right.” or “Cheese is good. Vote for Bush.” However true it may be that cheese is good, I don’t wanna end up like that. Therefore I am extending an offer. For whichever liberal reader of this site has the courage, I am offering you three free rants. What I mean by that is that I will make no refutation of your arguments, as long or short or offensive to me as they may be. It’s open season – for three rants. After that hopefully we can engage in stimulating debate through rants and comments. I will also promise no backsies – I will not attempt to refute an earlier post while on a later topic. Your rants will remain unrefuted – by me – for all time. I cannot speak for redshift or anyone else, but I think you can clearly see on this site that you don’t have much to worry about when it comes to political debate.

My invitation is open, the line in the sand is drawn. Please step forward. I desperately need a sparring partner.