New from The Editing Room

About a month or so ago, we linked a very funny site called The Editing Room for it’s hilarious abridged Star Wars Episode III script. This site has become a new favorite of mine so I keep an eye on it. Previously, it had a strange web address that no one could remember or figure out what it even meant, but there is now a new name registered for the site that everyone can remember. Two new scripts have been updated to the site:

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy can be found here. It is only mildly funny, but then again I’ve seen the movie and there’s not much to work with there. Still, it’s Hitchhiker’s Guide so it’s automatically cool, even though the movie kind of sucked. Fans everywhere collectively sigh.

Fantastic 4 can be found here. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, and I’m not recommending that you do, you’d be better off reading the abridged version. This is a very funny read and much cheaper than paying $8.50 a ticket, unless you feel Jessica Alba’s boobies are worth that much.



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