Cindy Sheehan, or: WAHHH! WAHHH!!

by hulk

I’ve been trying to avoid politics lately. I’ve mostly stopped watching cable news, I’ve been sticking to only reading the local section of the newspaper and reading less of the international news. I’ve said to myself, “There’s better things to be doing. I could be bettering myself by reading, or watching more of the Food Network.” But I couldn’t avoid the multiple stories about Cindy Sheehan, or Queen Obnoxious.

Yes let’s all weep for her dead son. No seriously, it sucks. He died killing bastards in Iraq and it sucks. I feel mostly sorry for terrorists. They’re honestly convinced that America is evil, and that it makes a ton of sense to blow themselves up near hordes of children in order to kill so much as a few soldiers. Hordes of young Arabs rushing to die for a reason. They’re not being knowingly lied to, either. The idiot clerics riling them up and the idiot leaders strapping bombs to their chests actually think they’re doing God’s work. It’s deluded and insane and evil, but ultimately you feel sorry for them that their minds have become so twisted. That little bit about feeling sorry for them being said, they should be killed as fast as they can strap bombs to their chest and people over there need some leaders who, rather than use religion and fear to gain power, actually try to do something good for their people and push for democracy and all that good stuff.

If you read that part about religion and fear and snicker, please smack yourself across the face. Because the democrats use fear too. And this brings us back to politics. The massive cry-fest going on outside Bush’s ranch in Crawford being led by the world’s most obnoxious mother. She wants Bush to drop the minor business of running the country and most of the world and A: Issue a full apology to her in particular and other mothers in general, and B: pull our troops out of Iraq. Let’s address these.

Apologizing to mothers for their sons deaths in Iraq. Hm. I can see an expression of sympathies, that should be expected. But an apology? That would imply that Bush was directly responsible for their deaths. Bush ordered the troops into Iraq and they were either killed by accidental friendly fire or terrorists. I should point out here that this is one of the best fought wars ever, despite news coverage that can’t stop referring to it as “Vietnam”. We’re slowly but surely making progress in a hellhole where the willfully ignorant have decided to force their neighbors to buy into their sham vision of a grand Islamic empire. Most people, even in Iraq and the other Arab countries, honestly want to live in peace. But there’s enough ignorant young people who will gladly arm themselves just so they can say they stood for something. We see this problem in the US: young whiny spoiled liberal elitist brats. They know oh-so-much about the evils of corporations and religion and the rest and you just don’t know, man. If you only liberated yourself and enjoyed weed then you’d know, dude, that it’s like, you’re being fooled, by these evil Jesus-freaks, right? I mean open your eyes and vote for Kerry, or else America deserves more bombings. If I said I wanted to hurt hippies I’d be just as bad as them, such as when they riot at G-8 conferences.

I’ve diverted myself. Bush sent the troops abroad, like many other presidents, and some died. Much less than Vietnam, I might add, despite all the dangers over there. So the mothers of the dead should get a letter of sympathy and the thanks of a greatful nation. Different from an apology.

Now addressing pulling our troops out of Iraq. Liberal compassion has become paradoxical. It somehow is now better to just leave the Iraqi people to the terrorists. We removed the dictatorship, it’s taking time to make things better, but it will get there. Especially with democracy. But before we lose any more soldiers over there we should leave? And do what? Make the deaths of the other soldiers pointless? Totally ruin our efforts over there and destroy the hope of democracy for other countries? We have a real chance of changing several nations by showing them what democracy can do. And we’re going to give up on that because over 1,000 people have died?

I have trouble arguing against this because I can’t see the logic in it. Of course Cindy Sheehan doesn’t seem to have much capacity for logic. I can partially understand as she’s just lost her son. I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt and say she’s just going through temporary insanity. She actually said on Hardball that she would have still protested if her son had died in Afghanistan. Why? Because we shouldn’t have invaded the whole country. The country that was ruled by the Taliban. What else would we have done? Politely asked the UN for a resolution condemning terrorism and asking the Taliban government to hand over the terrorists?

I can’t understand the liberal approach to helping the third world. It seems to be about debt relief. This is a good thing. But it ends there. Let’s give them money and relieve their debt. Wait a second. That girl over there just got her clitoris ripped out because it was sinful against Islam or their voodoo god. Oh we can’t help, that would be “interfering” and “not respecting their culture” or even better, “diversity”. The word diversity should not be used in a country that is 99% brown. Anyway. Let’s give that girl a booklet on sex education and a condom. And maybe a can of green beans. Don’t, you know, try to overthrow their government and change their barbarism. That’d be evil. So let’s stop trying to teach the poor Arabs democracy and human rights, and end our evil occupation and let them return to killing each other for silly religuous edicts handed down by a guy with a rag draped over his head. Before you find that offensive think of how many times myself and others refer to the Pope’s large hat. You only think it’s offensive because it’s brown, you silly liberal.

Now we get to the real reason Cindy Sheehan pisses me off. Her protest is obnoxious. She thinks the president, who has already met with her, should drop everything to kowtow to her demands. You lost your son. Honestly? Boo-hoo. Where’s the hallmark card for, “I don’t care!” Before you find that offensive, think of the things you read in the news that you even think about. Murder, rape and murder, rape and murder and burn, drunk driver killing kids, etc. Where’s the national apology for those? While we’re at it, I think Aruba should apologize for losing a pretty white girl. Oops, I mean Natalie Holloway, who was a person. Unlike those unattractive non-blonde non-rich people who are killed all the time. Your kid died. To think that deserves national attention is to think that for some reason, your grief is unique compared to the grief of everyone else in the world who’s lost someone who didn’t die of old age. You obnoxious, whiny pain. How can she spend so much time just sitting there being an annoyance? GET A JOB!