The little letter next to your name, Or: You can’t help yourself, Darky. You’re too…dark!

by hulk

Howard Dean. This is pure genius. He gets the Democratic party noticed at a time when they are largely being relegated to the sidelines. In my personal view they’re merely the party of whining and then telling you to cough up more tax money for social programming, regardless of whether it’s actually helping or not. That is a very, very biased view and I apologize for it. Unless you’re a democrat yourself. Go jump.

Apparently all Republicans are white male christians who (and these are separate statements he made) never worked a day in their life. He later changed it to Republican leaders. He honestly believes that Democrats still represent the working class. Since when? Issue-grouping has killed that! The Democrats have to be the party of diversity, abortion rights, more social programs, more doormat behavior in foreign policy, and government regulation. The Republicans have to be the party of religion, morality, aggressive foreign policy, lower taxes (though that is rarely delivered), and less social programming and more spending on defense instead.

Issue-grouping is simply bad for America, but it’s really bad for the Democrats right now. They would jump at the chance to abandon abortion and therefore pick up a bunch of religious voters, or so they think. I doubt they’d pick up many votes by abandoning abortion, because I happen to believe it is a media-spun myth (since most people in ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, the New York Times, the Washington Post and the LA times are liberals) that most of the middle of America only voted for Bush because of abortion and gays. It just fits too well with their typical characterization of red states as full of complete morons. Yes, that college degree completely separates you from them because you know who Voltaire and Jack Kerouac are. (I don’t happen to know who those two are but I don’t really give a crap.) A bunch of over-education and half-hearted pothead analysis of the beauty of the tree symbolism isn’t exactly going to pay the bills. Excuse me, I’m being crass because I’m angry. I apologize. For your information I happened to enjoy the symbolism in Dante because he ruled. Moving on.

So, issue-grouping is bad for both parties, bad for our country, but really, really, really bad for Democrats right now. They simply can’t get their disparate groups together under one big umbrella. Sure they can throw the Pride whatever with the Afro-American Urban Action whatchamacallit, but the Afro-American Urban Action whatchamacallit doesn’t fit with the Abortion league and Local 5380 doesn’t fit with the Pride whatever. (If you’re wondering, I happen to support abortion rights.) I’m just saying they’ve got an uphill battle. Especially when the rhetoric gets nasty. I’m sorry, but “You’re a bunch of baby-killers” is a better line for whipping a crowd into a frenzy than “My body, my choice”. I’m not saying this is good, but you’ve got to face the fact that it will take years to convince people on this one.

It’s also not easy for the gays. I say you go ahead and have hot man-love with whomsoever you want to have hot man-love with. However, “we’re here and we’re queer” is downright obnoxious, especially when they sue some town to fly some pride day flags on a bridge the town maintains is reserved for historical flags. You know, like Veteran’s Day. Or the fourth of July. But then you get some weeping about the holocaust against gays and I’m sorry, but I can’t help but roll my eyes.

Maybe this is the Democrats’ major problem, that they whine too much. It’s hard to support a whiner. They’ll cry about how Republicans are oppressing everyone while Bush just has to point to a map and say “We killed more terrorists today. You’re welcome.” It’d be like watching Rambo kill some Viet Cong bastards and have one of them start crying and whining about the oppression of the West upon his people. You’d be cheering when Rambo throws him out of a helicopter, jumps after him, stabs him in the back with a knife, and uses his lifeless body as a cushion as they approach the ground.

I forgot what I was writing about. Oh yes, the issue-grouping. So because of this it is assumed that the Democrats represent anyone who’s not white and Republicans hate African Americans and hispanics. Strangely the Democrats don’t talk much about Asians. Republicans support people supporting themselves while Democrats support dependence on the state. The rhetoric is, “nothing is your fault, you can’t help yourself, stay down, shut up, and when we get a chance we’ll give you some money for a new monument or a new high school.” Then they imply that Republicans can’t represent the interests of minorities because they’re Republicans. This is such a great argument. You need to vote for me because I’m a Democrat and that means I will support issues that concern you. No, don’t try to measure my performance. Oh no, your neighborhood is run down because you don’t have enough money yet? Just wait, I’ll sign something and get you some money and then everything will be better. By the way, don’t vote for those Republicans. They’re the devil!

Howard Dean made the comment that Republicans don’t support diversity. Well gee, diversity for them is affirmative action and if you don’t support that you’re a filthy racist and, of course, this is all about race. Look at the Bush cabinet. Just look at it. Yet no one mentioned affirmative action or the need for diversity, did they? And none of these people cried about a handout. Also… are they allowed to be Republicans? Is that ok? I thought there was some rule somewhere that if you were gay or a minority you had to be a Democrat, or else? I’m gonna laugh next time there’s a Democratic president and we hear a bunch of whining about Republicans being racists because they won’t support so and so’s nomination. Look at those judge hearings. Democrats vehemently opposing a black woman? Huh?

Issue-grouping is crap. I hope someday we will judge candidates based on individual beliefs rather than a party line. Until then, YEEEAAARGGH!!!!