Kubrick sucks.

by redshift

Kubrick sucks. No, not the filmmaker, the WordPress template.

Blasphemy, I know.

You see it everywhere on the web nowadays, partly because of the popularity of WordPress 1.5 and partly because most people don’t change from the default template. I’m not saying the old default was anything to look at, but Kubrick grates on my nerves. (This isn’t to berate Michael, I like most of the work on binary bonsai.)

I honestly don’t see why enough people liked this to make it the default. The title block is befungously huge, putting a little title on a huge ugly gradient. The entire text area is about as wide as my thumb, leaving very little room for actual content. More gradients at the bottom, and images for layout. I’m not saying I’m an arthouse pro or anything, but it’s the default

[edit] I forgot to mention, it’s also been ported to almost every other blog/CMS software out there, making it even more common. Hooray.