Gmail Invites


No, I’m not going to say “just register on the site, send me $8.95, and your firstborn, and you’ll get a gmail invite!” We’ve all seen that one. (Though if you do still need one, check isnoop.)

I’m just curious about how many invites people have given away. Ever since Google has been giving 50 invites a day to most people, I’ve sent out a full batch of 48 (I save two, for safety) to isnoop’s gmail account spooler just about every day. This has totalled to…

rummages through his gmail account

720 gmail invites I’ve sent as of February 16. As far as I know, they’ve all been accepted, as I get the acceptance emails constantly. Can anyone beat that? Isnoop currently has 251,916 invites available, so I have to assume other people are doing the same as me. Remember the days when people paid cold hard cash for an invite? Or one to orkut? Ahh, memories.

[update] 1056!

[update] Gmail Beta is almost over, meaning the end of invites is nigh – and I’m up to 1969! Who can beat that?

[update] Before isnoop shut down and Gmail stopped giving me invites, I passed out ~3000.


2 responses to “Gmail Invites”

  1. hulk Avatar

    I’ve sent out one. I’m hoarding them and I don’t know why.


  2. redshift Avatar

    The problem is that you can’t hoard them – they only give you invites if you’ve successfully given out your old ones.


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