Year: 2005

  • PHP is Strange Voodoo

    All I want is a simple database management program. All I need is to create tables, rows, and fields, insert or edit data, things that aren’t always convenient on the mysql command line. (editing of data in particular.) The only decent program I’ve found is phpMyAdmin, which of course requires a web server and php. […]

  • The Editing Room: Domino

    The Editing Room has released a new abridged script for Domino. Head on over and check out the improved, more hilarious story of how Domino Harvey became a bownty hunta.

  • 1000 Blank White Cards

    I’d like to take this opportunity to present to you, dear reader, a delightful little game that has caused a huge lack of boredom in our area. I give you 1000 Blank White Cards, courtesy of the Discordians. Here are the rules: Make your own game.

  • Food Hacker: Triple Chocolate Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies

    Photo courtesy of Epicurious In a cookie book, the chapters are usually divided by type of cookie. A chocolate chip cookie is your basic drop cookie – there is no rolling or pressing needed, just scoop up some dough and drop your rounded spoonful on your cookie sheet. Anyone who has been able to make […]

  • Rooster Teeth Productions: Red vs Blue

    A couple of years ago, some guys got together and started making a movie inside of the Microsoft game Halo. At first no one cared. But after a while, it gained popularity until it became a huge hit. They have since branched out into other games (Sim City, F.E.A.R.) but are still going strong with […]

  • Ask Blue Midget: Where Are You?

    Dear Blue Midget, Halffull usually has updates every day, but over the past week there have only been a couple of updates to the site. How come you haven’t put much up? Sincerely, A Reader My Dearest Reader, I write to you under the direst of circumstances. In this place where I have been trapped, […]

  • American Thanksgiving: Talkin’ Turkey

    In a couple of weeks, Americans everywhere will cook up the traditional Thanksgiving feast. For some chefs it will be an honor, and for others, a curse. Like every major American holiday, marketing campaigns explode with the latest gadgets, recipes, and foods that will make your Thanksgiving spread the most amazing and memorable dinner ever […]

  • Fark Photoshops

    The photoshops on Fark have been running quite dry (lame) for some time, but lately a couple of good ones have crept up. This afternoon, a photoshop thread was started for Farkers to start a political flame war using Magic the Gathering Cards. It’s a really long thread, but it’s definitely worth picking through.

  • Federline’s Album Leaks Onto the Internet

    Before Kevin Federline and Britney Spears were married, sources were reporting that Federline was in the works of making his own clothes line (Britney claims that he “has great style”, which is true if you consider “great style” to be the high fashion of K-Mart Blue Light Specials), his own rap CD (wtf?) and, more […]