Truth Eats Darwinism, Or: Threatened by God

by hulk

All the newsmagazines this week are busy copying each other’s articles about the nativity. The shocking new evidence is that it’s all one big lie, Jesus was never in Bethlehem, wasn’t born in a manger, no angels, no three kings, and Mary wasn’t a virgin. The unwritten line? No God.

It’s funny. We have so many educated people in this country who are completely unable to turn their thought processes on themselves. They’ll hear about a book that has withstood several centuries but refuse to consider why they feel compelled to treat it in such a manner. So you prove that the Bible doesn’t necessarily contain facts. NO SHIT. I sincerely doubt that God helped Jeremeiah blow a horn seven times and some evil city fell. Didn’t happen. God doesn’t do that stuff. But I submit, for your approval, that the motive and the unwritten thesis of this kind of journalistic investigation is the belief that there is no God. And I believe the primary motive for that is that these people are threatened by God. They associate God with a man in a big hat telling them how they’ve sinned. And both have lost the message. God isn’t interested in punishment. If you controlled all of creation, would you worry about bossing little people around? Well, you might do it at first, as shown in the game “Black&White”, but you’d get sick of it after a while. So maybe God did oppress us for a little while… that would explain why he was such a dick in the Old Testament. Anyway, Sin isn’t about arbitrary rules imposed on you by God, but by other men trying to control you. Read the rest of this entry »