I just feel… wrong

by hulk

What a day to be a conservative. Bush wins re-election, uncontested, with more popular votes than any president since Reagan. The Republicans strengthen their positions in the House and Senate. I didn’t check state legislatures. And Yasser Arafat is ill and is not doing well. I hope Death is waiting outside his hospital room in Paris.

And yet I can’t help feeling…kinda bad. It’s like when you play a game of basketball with a younger sibling and you feel bad when you win 10-0. Not that democrats are younger siblings, I’m just not thinking of a better analogy right now. Something involving competition. So I gotta wonder, *how did this happen*?

Part of why I feel bad is that this wasn’t supposed to happen. It was supposed to be close. There were supposed to more democrats than republicans. There were supposed to be millions of passionate liberal young new voters. Where were they? Too lazy to vote.

And what we need is healing. What we need is less rhetoric and more thought. We have too few people thinking. *On both sides*. We have Conservatives who feel threatened (and I’m one of them) that homosexuals are trying to force their lifestyles on the rest of us, and so we protect marriage. We feel that liberals want to let Europe run our national security, and so we vote for a strong, unilateral American position. And liberals feel fear. They fear abortion becoming illegal, going back to the days of coat hangers in alleyways. They fear gays being lynched. They fear rampant reckless wars in the name of nationalism that cost more lives than they were intended to save.

I read something interesting in the DaVinci code, most likely completely made up, saying that we are entering an age of a personal search for truth rather than answers from above. Well, that hasn’t happened yet. We still look to our mouthpieces for opinions. And so Bush supporters tune to Rush Limbaugh and listen to how the gay feminazis want to expand abortion to include executing schoolchildren. And the Kerry supporters (or, more accurately, the anti-Bush) flock to Michael Moore and start the chant that Iraq was candyland before the invasion and that Bush worships the devil and we have proof.

So who’s right and who’s wrong? Well, we voted, didn’t we? Aren’t the Republicans necessarily right?

If you answered yes or no, slap yourself. Very hard. Because you should feel ashamed. It’s nice to listen to views that are comfortable, heavy rhetoric that falls far on our side. It also leads to lies and zombie-ism. I could hang on every word Bush says and convince myself that Iraq is going smoothly. I could hang on every word Kerry says and convince myself that Iraq is spawning billions of terrorists ready to blow up our schools tomorrow. Or I could try to read a couple different newspapers and realize that we have a lot of soldiers trying very hard to fight a difficult but just war to bring freedom to people who’ve never had it. Meanwhile we kill and hurt civilians and provide a proving ground for terrorists and we have soldiers without enough ammo to fight with and without armor for their cars.

Wait. Who do I vote for, then? Guess what. You have to think for yourself. So I want you to do yourself a favor. For your sanity, whether you’re celebrating or weeping today. I want you to wipe your mind clean of all the opinions you’ve turned into fact in your mind. If you believe all liberals hate America, get rid of that. If you believe all conservatives are gun-toting rednecks, get rid of that. Start questioning the assumptions that you base your opinions on. Start questioning those who you turn to for political thought.

The revolution isn’t acheived by growing your hair long and smelling really bad and screaming something about capitalists. The revolution is a personal one, acheived by thinking for yourself.

I think it’s gonna be really hard for me to dismiss that which I like to hear.

And I really do worry about whether voting for Bush was right. But hey, I got a 50% chance of voting right, right?