Sinclair Broadcast Group

by hulk

I posted some great rant yesterday (or thought I did) and then forgot to click submit, and now I’m too lazy to write it again. But here’s this short and sweet bit. This Sinclair organization, a fairly large media group owning stations in several states, including battleground states, and reaching an estimated 25% of the country, has anounced that it will be airing a program with Vietnam POW’s who claim that they were personally harmed by statements made by a younger Kerry before Congress in which he claimed that US soldiers committed atrocities on a widespread scale. This is pretty normal for a liberal, to take out their dissatisfaction with themselves on their society and their country and to whine about how much they wish that the US was like the rest of the world. But they don’t leave because they know how good they have it here and how much better the US is than any other country on this planet.

Sorry for the tangent. Anyway, after this anouncement, the DNC filed suit with the FCC and the federal elections commission. The complaint with the FCC is improper use of public airwaves, and the compaint with the FEC is an illegal campaign contribution in the form of this program.

Sinclair defends itself by saying it’s not some slanted program. They were approached by these POW’s who wanted to get their story out. They reviewed the POW’s story for several weeks, making sure, as one of their representatives stated, that there were no “forged documents”, and now they’re anouncing this program to air in a week or so. The program has not been made yet, all they’re doing is using the POW documentary as base material and they’ve invited Senator Kerry to come on. They also say that this is just news, and it’s ridiculous to claim that news is a campaign contribution just because it’s harmful to either candidate. When car bombs go off in Iraq it hurts Bush, but is that claimed by the RNC as an illegal campaign contribution? Nope.

When asked about this, senior Kerry campaign advisor Chad Clinton stated, “They better hope we don’t win,” referring to the Sinclair media group.

And yet Bush is called a Nazi?