Month: September, 2004

Rape, Murder, Burn CALL!

by hulk

America’s Most Wanted has got some seriously skewed priorities. I don’t know how they decide to do the stories that they do. Assuming they’re not total morons. I’m guessing that it’s probably the more interesting the story is, the more airtime it gets. So when they have a story full of details and witnesses and something to say, they’ll run that, regardless of the severity of the crime. Now, I’m going to preface my rant by saying that I don’t necessarily blame them, because they have mouths to feed and bills to pay just like anyone else. More likely over there in Hollywood though, they have addictions to feed and mouths to pay, as Jewel tells us.

However, last night hit a new low, even for them. See, they have a bad habit of running a certain story for, say 20-30 minutes. Then later on in the show, you’ll get little crime blips. They’ll show a picture and say “This man killed 3 people. CALL!” Now, when you’ve just watched 30 minutes of them talking to the guy married to Carmen Electra and how upsetting the murder of his mother was, and it happened TEN YEARS AGO, you gotta ask yourself, “WTF?”. You’d FIGURE that it should be the more severe crimes or more dangerous criminals get more air time. But no. This brings us to last night, where they spent 20 minutes talking about a guy who robbed a couple Burger Kings and then escaped from jail. Then later in the show they come up with pictures of two men and say, “These men raped a teenager and then burned her alive. Call if you have information.” Now you look back at the 20 minutes spent on the Burger King guy. Then you look at the 20 seconds spent on the rapists/murderers. Then your brain skips a beat, and you probably either blink, laugh, or scream (laughter occurs when your brain can’t reason through something, I heard that somewhere. The screaming is more natural in this case). So you start comparing the nature of the crimes. And you wonder what would happen if our moral codes were completely reversed. Read the rest of this entry »


by hulk

I don’t know where Darfur is, or why it has its own name. I’ve just seen a map highlighting the western part of Sudan. What I do know is that this isn’t being given enough attention. Between Darfur and Deslam (the school in Russia), I really gotta ask *wtf* is with our news coverage, and the priorites of our leaders. Why did Bush only mention either one a few times? Why is Colin Powell the only one in the freaking world talking about Darfur and calling it genocide? Where’s Kerry, calling on Bush to go in there and save these people?

This is going on now. These people, the ethnic Africans, are being systematically slaughtered by Arab militants. The government of Sudan is letting the militias do whatever they want, because the militias help the government maintain power. When first confronted by Powell, our great and noble European leaders, the wonderful French and Belgese and the rest of them *wouldn’t call it genocide*. They said that was too harsh, they needed to look into it. England at least went there and did an investigation, though that’s all they did. The UN? The security council? That wonderful security council? You remember how we were supposed to get the Security Council’s approval to invade Iraq, because it was the noble institution of cooperation with our wonderful allies? *They refused to sanction Sudan*. *Refused*. REFUSED. *REFUSED*. I’m typing in caps because this is insane and I am pissed off. Read the rest of this entry »

Screwing up the job, or: Learning the ugly truth

by hulk

Deleted out of fear based on what happened to that Delta Airlines stewardess. If companies can deny us our blogs, what else can they do?