Outfoxed, Or: Fox News = Biased

by hulk

So I’ve got an invitation from izzat to go to a houseparty to see “Outfoxed”, which is about how Fox News is anything but fair and balanced, and instead, promotes not just the Republican Party Line, but the line straight from the white house. It’s really amazing what the Kool-Aid drinkers are up to.

On a side note, in response to my Michael Moore rant, a friend of mine, who out of fear refuses to post here, said, “You should’ve seen the scene where he sits there for 11 minutes, looking like a lost puppy dog.” So let’s create an extreme caricature of someone, then start blaming them for the things that happen in our fantasies. The liberals think of Bush as some moron. So they laugh at things he never said, or things he didn’t do. He’s a lost puppy dog. He’s a man who’s just been told that the nation is under attack and trying to not lose composure in front of a classroom full of young children. What is he supposed to do? Say, “RUN CHILDREN! TONS OF PEOPLE ARE DYING! AUGH!”. Would that be more presidential? Should he rush out of the room, worrying these kids and the country? Or should he sit there, continue to read as he did, and maintain a presidential appearance while considering his options and how to make an appropriate exit?

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