Michael Moore’s Idealism equals America Sucks

by hulk

Does anybody remember when Doonesbury was funny? *Was* Doonesbury ever funny? I thought it was. It sure as hell isn’t anymore. I can’t understand who reads it. I mean even if you hated Bush, it still isn’t *funny*. It’s just “blah blah blah Bush is bad”. Well whoop dee doo. Plus it’s full of absolute crap. It’s apparently ok to make things up, attribute them to Bush, and hate him for it.

While we’re talking about making things up, let me send out a quick note to everyone who’s gotten that “Draft” email, about how Bush is gonna restart the draft. The only legislation in Congress right now was introduced by liberals to make people hate war. The logic is that if you are confronted with a draft, you won’t be willing to go to war, saying to people that if they support the war, they should be forced to go over there. That’ll teach ’em! Here’s my problem with that. The armed forces are voluntary because we don’t need that many soldiers. Yes, the Pentagon is drawing upon reserves. That’s perfectly natural. That’s *why* there are reserves. Oh, and the draft budget has not been increased by $28 million. Bush proposed raising the Selective Service’s budget TO 28 million, from something like 26 million, which represents about a 5% budget increase – not exactly cause for alarm. The head of the Selective Service has stated that it would take probably about half a billion dollars to reinstate the draft. And those “Draft Board Positions”? Replacing retirees. Someone’s gotta issue the Selective Service cards to young men as they turn 18.

But some liberal decided to lie and send around that email making it look like Bush wants a draft (which Rumsfeld *and* Pentagon officials have gone on record recently opposing. They *don’t want a draft*). I support the war. But I won’t go over there to fight it. I pay taxes, however, which pay the salaries of those who choose to accept pay and to fight. That seems like a perfectly reasonable system to me. I also like how I’ve heard that we should do a similar program to Israel’s, where *everyone* does like two years of service. Here’s a thought: Government forced labor. Think about that for a second. Government forced labor. Does that sound like a good thing anymore? We’re not drastically running out of soldiers, we have just enough for our current purposes, and if we want more, we can increase the recruiting budget and soldiers salaries to make the soldier job more attractive to young people. Hello, Capitalism.

I’ve been thinking about how people talk about Michael Moore’s film and that mother who runs around harassing people because her son died. I would love to run into this woman. I’d tell her two things. First, stop running around making an ass of yourself. Two, your son chose to accept money in order to risk his life. Those were the terms of the job he *chose* to do. He wasn’t forced over there. He was given money to risk his life. He died. It happens. I’m sorry your son is gone. But death happens. Go home now. I mean what’s the point Moore is trying to make? Bush is evil? Invading Iraq was a position many of us Americans supported. It’s not like it came out of the blue. And as President, Bush made that decision. We elect Presidents to make decisions. We don’t elect them to sit on their hands and ask the UN what to do, or better yet, the Frogs. We certainly don’t elect them to go door to door asking us what to do. If the President only did things that everyone agreed with nothing would ever happen. It’s impossible. The President made a decision to go to Iraq and some soldiers have died. It sucks that people have died. It *happens*. Bam. A hobo just died of hunger. Bam. A Chinese doctor died of SARS. Look at that. Total shock.

Here’s the problem with liberals like Moore. For the sake of argument, I’m going to pretend they aren’t actively trying to bring down the US. Remember, we’ve been told that liberals *aren’t* traitors, even when they talk about how much they hate this country and how much they wish all the white rich people would die horribly. They’re such idealists that they want the world to be perfect. They’re spoiled in the first place by living here, where they can get a whiff of perfection. So they start thinking… If this changed, it’d be perfect. If that changed, it’d be perfect. If you changed x,y, and z, the world would be perfect. *Fucking America. Why isn’t it perfect?!* Gee, I wish we could be like France (completely ignoring the fact that this country is much, much, much better than France, in every measure except cheese.) So they get pissed, and realize that the problem is Capitalism. It allows some people to get rich…at the expense of others! Bubba works in the plant. Bubba gets paid 5.50 an hour for slapping an endcap onto a metal part, day in, day out. The CEO of GM, who just finished months of negotiations and meetings unveils a new organization plan that will add $1 billion in revenue to the corporation. He gets paid several millions of dollars for his job. THAT BASTARD! HOW DARE HE EARN MORE! Meanwhile, Mr. CEO is vacationing on his nice yacht in the south pacific…while Bubba goes home in his Geo to a two bedroom house. *It’s not fair!* Bubba should get a yacht, too. He needs a better house. He has debt because of medical care for his children. He has to pay to feed his kids each week. LIFE ISN’T FAIR! OH GOD NO! AMERICA SUCKS! GOD SUCKS! MEN SUCK!

Ahem. First, read Ayn Rand. Second, slap yourself silly for all the verbal vomit that you’ve uttered for however long you’ve hated capitalism. Does anyone see what I’m saying here? Bubba slaps a part on. Mr. CEO adds much more value to the company, hence he earns more. You make money based on what you do. Yes, there are exceptions, smart ass. There’s stocks, there’s corruption, and so on. But the overall system stays intact. You get paid for your work. But the idealists don’t see it that way. They don’t see the miracle through which Bubba, who didn’t give a damn about his studies in high school and didn’t ever have any aspirations aside from getting Bobbie Sue in his back seat, can still earn a paycheck for doing something that a machine could do (and if Mr. CEO is smart, he’ll buy a machine to do Bubba’s job and save a lot of money). This is the miracle of capitalism. The smart people get ahead. Those less determined don’t achieve, but if they’re lucky the determined people will pay them for some task. There’s lots of in-between, read Atlas Shrugged for a much better explanation. I wish I were a CEO. But you know what? I don’t have that kind of skill, intelligence, or determination. So I’m not a CEO. I’m not bitter though, because I’ve found a company that will pay me for my abilities. Isn’t capitalism a wonderful, wonderful thing? Now I can buy nice things, as opposed to 200 years ago when if I were a fuck up, I’d starve because I’d have no vegetables to harvest or some such thing.

Oh but no, America sucks because people aren’t given things according to need, they’re given things according to ability. And racism and sexism and blah blah blah blah. I know I can’t win against minds that are determined to be ignorant, minds that let the New York Times and Salon and Michael Moore think for them.

“One evil empire down, one to go” – Michael Moore

From an interview with “The Director’s Chair”:

Q – What’s a worker’s best defense against downsizing?

MM – “I’ll give you one that I learned from those Pay Day [candy bar] people: Don’t do too good of a job. Because you’ll make your company too profitable and it becomes an attractive takeover target and it’ll get bought out and they’ll consolidate and throw a number of people out of work. Just keep the company solvent, but don’t make it too profitable.”

Amazing. And people wonder why so many companies move to Asia, where people actually *work* for their paychecks.