Square Meals equals Round Person?

by redshift

I’ve been gaining weight recently – and if you know me, you realize that’s probably a good thing. I couldn’t figure it out, because I never exercise or diet, and I’m eating roughly the same food. However, here is what I postulate.

Three square meals per day will kill you. Yes, that’s right.

I can say from experience that when you’re a slacker and can eat whenever you want, you eat when your body gets hungry. Makes sense, right? Also, you only eat up to the point where your body is satiated.

Now, stick the body in an 8-5 job. You’re forced to eat breakfast at 7, lunch at 12, dinner at 6. Because you no longer eat when your body says you need to, but rather when your job says you can, you gorge yourself three times a day in order to make it to the next meal without starving. You take in more energy than you expend pushing pencils, and you gain weight.

I suppose the solution is to snack during the day, assuming you don’t work near life-threatening chemicals like hulk.