Cutting Engineering, or: You ANIMALS! IT WAS EARTH ALL ALONG!

by hulk

So I get sent this article on Apparently, San Francisco State University is having a budget problem, and their big solution is to cut the School of Engineering. Either classes or the entire school, I’m not sure, it sort of sounds like both. [ed – entire school.] Either way this could be heralding the beginning of the end, as prophesied in Atlas Shrugged: the fuzzies getting their hands all over the fundamentals of our world.

What do I mean? Allow me to illustrate with an example. Rather than hire a respected core of engineers to construct a building, the people who want the building decide to have a referendum and let the community decide. Everyone gets to have a lot of meetings and voice their opinions. Then “experts” such as people who majored in urban issues or psychology or sexuality or women’s studies get involved and begin to throw in their weight. Eventually a lot of materials are purchased but the building either doesn’t get built past the first floor or it collapses soon after it’s finished. Why? Because let me explain something to each and every one of you. Read the rest of this entry »