Paying for our past sins, Or: America, the guilty?

by hulk

So George Carlin said recently that we’ve been pushing around the world for too long and we paid the piper on 9/11. Pushing the world around with what? Our success? The fact that we’re better than them? Too many people in this country seem to believe that we shouldn’t exist, that this country is wrong and should be abolished because of past wrongs it has committed. They laud other countries and the wonderful things that happen there. So let’s take a look.

Starting with… Europe. Ah, the noble Germans, who wouldn’t lift a finger against Saddam Hussein because it was “wrong”. Yeah. Need I mention millions killed in a bloodthristy rush for power? And don’t tell me it was just Hitler and his buddies, and the rest of the country didn’t know. They knew, they were thirsty for power and once they got a little they wouldn’t stop until they had it all. Oh I know it was in the past. But people keep saying America’s bad for its past, so let the rest of the world pay too! The rest of Europe: France, England, the Dutch, Portugal, Spain…. a looooonnnggggg history of colonizing the rest of the world and killing all the natives they could get their hands on, either outright or by working them to death. Those poor non-white natives. Oh wait, not really, because moving on – Africa.

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