Putting kids through to higher grades, Or: “Social Promotion”

by hulk

So I’ve just read this thing on O’Reilly’s section of Fox News about social promotion, the idea of putting kids through to higher grades when they can’t pass the test for that grade. Well first of all I’m against all that standardized testing, but it’s the same situation if it was based on grades rather than some tests. The point is (at least in NYC and LA) that kids get put through to higher grades, when they can’t do what they’re supposed to do, in order to not hurt their self-esteem.

Why do I smell the fires of the Apocalypse on the horizon? Matter of fact, why is so-called “enlightened” thought so DAMN STUPID. You have little Timmy. Little Timmy is a student living in the inner city area of LA. Little Timmy fails his second-grade exam. Do you put little Timmy through? Hear’s the argument I heard: Yes, because then it’s the third grade teacher’s responsibility to bring him up to speed. Wow. Yeah. Let’s not hurt Timmy’s self-esteem. Here’s the thing. If the kid can’t pass the test, then he’s not doing his work. Either that, or he has a mental condition. And no, ADHD is not an excuse on account of it being a made-up disease. Kids have attention deficit disorder. It’s called BEING A KID. Then you GROW UP. At no point do you need PILLS or SPECIAL TREATMENT. Have I put enough things in caps yet?

Yes, Timmy will be made fun of. He will go to school every day for that year he gets held back thinking about how bad he feels. And you know what? That’ll either drive him to excel, or he’ll drop out. It’s his choice. But if you advance him, worse, if you graduate him from high school with Timmy being unable to read or write, you’ve not only done a disservice to Timmy, you’ve made a mockery out of education. It’s not an entitlement program. No one “*deserves*” a high school diploma. They gotta work for it. And if they’re not willing to work for it, they don’t get it. It’s as simple as that.

All I gotta say is I have yet to find a single liberal who would survive the caveman days. They’d be busy whining about how they deserve some cheetah meat and then they’d starve to death whining about it. Nature has such a special form of justice.