Kerry v. Bush, Or: Big Government v. Big Government

by hulk

It’s as-good-as official, Kerry is gonna be the Democratic candidate for President, and maybe Edwards will be his running mate. Like it matters. The fact is the voters aren’t even being given a choice between the lesser of two evils in November, they’re getting nothing but crap. The only real choice will be whether you want Democrats or Republicans running all the departments, and whether we’re gonna continue to be aggressive against terrorism or whether we’ll politely ask the UN to let us not be killed. Why am I so cynical? Because of Bush’s track record on the war on Government, and Kerry’s outright promises to support the Government’s side. Yes, it is a War on Government, and it’s a war we’ve been fighting since the beginning of the nation. We get taught in our history books to laud the Revolution but to mock the Whiskey Rebellion, or another other assertation of states or people’s rights versus the rights of the government. In later chapters, we’re taught how FDR saved the world with his New Deal and with increased government spending, and taxation. Wealth redistribution at the point of a gun. How wonderful.

So what does Kerry offer us? If you don’t mind this getting lengthy, I’d like to copy and paste directly from John Kerry’s website.

“The first thing John Kerry will do is fight his heart out to bring back the three million jobs that have been lost under George W. Bush. He will fight to restore the jobs lost under Bush in the first 500 days of his administration. Kerry has proposed creating jobs through a new manufacturing jobs credit, by investing in new energy industries, restoring technology, and stopping layoffs in education.

“John Kerry has a plan to secure America’s economic future and ensure that workers can achieve the American dream in our changing economy. John Kerry has the courage to roll back Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans so we can invest in education and healthcare. He isn’t afraid to crack down on corporations that are hiding their money in Bermuda to avoid paying their fair share and will end special tax giveaways to companies that ship jobs abroad. And he will defend the rights of workers, consumers and shareholders in holding corporations accountable for their actions. ” –

Hoo boy. Yeah. Let’s tear into this one. Read the rest of this entry »