The Passion, Or: ADL threatens to sue Jesus over promoting non-Jewish lifestyle

by hulk

I still haven’t seen it yet, I’m still debating whether I want to see it. I would expect that it’s emotionally intense, judging from people’s reactions (at least according to the articles), and considering the subject matter. But I’m ticked.

I watched Mel Gibson’s interview with Diane Sawyer and I couldn’t help but laugh. Not at Mel, the man’s dead-on. At Diane, who seemed so perplexed by someone who actually beleived in God. It was a stunning concept for her. Many of us (myself included) pay nothing but lip service to our professed faiths, and thus arises the categorization that someone who actually believes is some kind of religious nut. Not just that, but the fact that Mel (can I call him Mel?) believes that the Holy Spirit worked through him to make this movie. *Shock!* Some kind of imaginary ghost? What kind of nutbar nonsense is this? Well, I gotta tell ya, I buy it. Something like this, you don’t roll over in bed and decide you’re gonna make a movie about the last hours of Jesus. You’ve gotta have inspiration, and you’ve got to have some kind of higher strength to do what he’s doing, making what could be a career-ending movie, standing for something he believes in that is so threatening to so many others, so much so that they’ll denounce him at the top of their lungs. Of course now that the movie is out, the criticism has abated quite a bit, and all you hear is murmurs about anti-semitism without a whole lot of substance.

So let’s get into the whole “Anti-Semitism” thing. Did the Jews kill Jesus? Well, duh. Of course they did. Like Mel said in the interview, there weren’t exactly a bunch of vikings around at the time. Lemme put it this way. If a black man commits mass murder in the center of Harlem, do you call him a racist? Nope. Cause they’re all black. Well why would you accuse a movie of being Anti-Semitic when the only people around to do any crimes were Jews? Pilate didn’t want Jesus, he sent him to Herod at first, saying wtf, the Empire has no beef with this guy. So who wanted him dead? The Pharisees, and yes, the crowd. Was each member of the crowd burning with a personal hatred of Jesus rooted deeply in the Jewish faith? Again, duh. They were a crowd who were there to watch a bloodbath, an execution. Quite probably incited by the Pharisees. Now let’s go into the Pharisees. Was their opposition deep-rooted in the Jewish faith? Is there something about being Jewish that makes you evil? No, of course not. They were threatened by Jesus’s potential power. What do those in power do when threatened? They eliminate the threat. We think of things so civilly today because we live in a world of laws, but back then, it was nothing to kill a man. So they plotted for his death. I’m not excusing their actions, I’m just giving them their proper motive. So where’s the Anti-Semitism? The blood-curse thingy? Yeah, that’s in there. Highly misinterepreted by the “Passion Plays” that encouraged anti-semitism in Europe way back when. Did they say it? I dunno. Did it make the entire Jewish people cursed by God? Of course not.

The Anti-Semitism is largely nonexistent, more of a phantom stirred up by, well, evil. More of a petty evil than a Satanic evil, I’m sure no goats were slaughtered to attack this film. But the Anti-Defamation League, quite possibly feeling irrelevant, like all minority themed PC groups, came up with quite a bit of this nonsense. And then you have this DJ in New York who got Mel Gibson’s father on the phone and got him saying all this stuff about how he thinks the holocaust wasn’t nearly as bad as most say it was. Well there it is! Mel Gibson’s an Anti-Semite! Get out the pitchforks! Kill all the Christians…because…they might um…kill us. Yeah. Or not.

While we’re at it, why don’t we get NOW saying the movie doesn’t portray women in positive roles, and the NAACP saying not enough blacks are in the movie. Or maybe we should think a little bit more about what the movie is *about*, rather than scream about the things we imagine it’s about. It’s like the fact that saying the word bomb in a an airport will get you arrested nowadays. It’s damn silly.