It’s a disease, Or: Pedophilia is OK, says Hollywood

by hulk

Wow. The whole fuzzy shmuzzy, we’re all beautiful people inside, no one is ever wrong, morally permissive culture has produced another gem. The Woodsman just premiered at Sundance, starring Kevin Bacon as a pedophile who’s just come out of jail and is trying to deal with his past and trying to overcome pedophilia. To quote the article from Reuters, “Ultimately, what audiences get from “The Woodsman” is not a movie about a pedophile, which is too simplistic. Rather, “The Woodsman” tells audiences what creates the disease and how keeping it in the dark ultimately does society a disservice, the film’s makers said.”

Uh-huh. I guess pedophiles are the real victims, right? Daddy hit them, or their mother didn’t breast feed them? Good grief. Let me play devil’s advocate. It is a disease, probably a genetic one. Something is triggered that young girls (or boys, who, as children, aren’t as different from girls as they are after puberty) become sexually attractive as opposed to adult women. I feel sick even doing this, but continuing the argument, it therefore becomes the problem for the pedophile, because in his eyes (almost always “his”), these children are the proper object of sexual attraction, and therefore it feels right but is societially wrong. So therefore society needs to understand that these pedophiles have an internal struggle.

Fine. I can maybe buy that. But that does not excuse the act of pedophilia! I enjoy movies in which people are killed. No, not snuff films, I just enjoy violent movies. I will sometimes cheer at an ingenious way of killing somebody, like when they took Sonny Redwhatever in Donnie Brasco. That doesn’t make it ok for me to go out and kill people.

And this “internal struggle” certainly doesn’t excuse child porn. In fact, there’s nothing you can say about the “victim” pedophiles that excuses the expression of their activites. It is clearly and always wrong, and it just pisses me off that they’re putting out this movie, trying to make it ok by showing this portrayal of a pedophile sympathetically. Before you throw words like “forgiveness” at me, let’s think of the real victims of pedophilia. Yeah, that’s right, let’s put the victims first, something that’s increasingly un-PC in this culture. Those kids are fucked up now, possibly for life, because a pedophile decided to express their “disease”. Obviously rehabilitiation is beneficial to the community, and obviously some kind of prevention is advisable, like a Pedophile’s Anonymous or something for people to go to before they reach the point where they might commit a crime. But I’m sick of reading articles about the “rights” of sex offenders. Harsh truth time, if you’re a pedophile, your privacy and your self-esteem and your ability to hug yourself is secondary to the rights of your potential victims.

Good job, hollywood. I can’t wait for whatever sick piece of crap you put out next year at Sundance.