It’s a disease, Or: Pedophilia is OK, says Hollywood

by hulk

Wow. The whole fuzzy shmuzzy, we’re all beautiful people inside, no one is ever wrong, morally permissive culture has produced another gem. The Woodsman just premiered at Sundance, starring Kevin Bacon as a pedophile who’s just come out of jail and is trying to deal with his past and trying to overcome pedophilia. To quote the article from Reuters, “Ultimately, what audiences get from “The Woodsman” is not a movie about a pedophile, which is too simplistic. Rather, “The Woodsman” tells audiences what creates the disease and how keeping it in the dark ultimately does society a disservice, the film’s makers said.” Read the rest of this entry »

Tax cuts are bad for you, Or: The New Nutrition Chart

by hulk

It takes a lot of balls to look the American public in the face and tell them how bad tax cuts are for them. Good job Nancy Pelosi. The answer to our problems at the federal level is not more money, you have plenty. You waste a bunch of it, and the rest you get outright corrupt with and just give it away on pork contracts and tax breaks for corporations who don’t need them. But tax cuts for the public? They should be a right, not a gracious generous privelege like these politicians (both sides) have been pretending. There is no reason for nor any right permitting the government to take as much as it does.

You wanna know where the job loss problem is? It’s in the board room. It’s in the fact that companies can move to other countries where labor is a nickel per person per day. It should be illegal to move American production to other countries. Yeah, the goods would ideally be cheaper in other countries, but half the time the bigwigs pocket the profits or use it for “shareholder value” and don’t pass it on to the consumer. I suppose my problem is that lately I’m feeling more and more like those in power toss us a few bones here and there and give the real benefits to their buddies, who are also in power. Someone please explain to me what a CEO in America does that he/she should earn at least ten times as much as the average worker in their company. No other country pays CEOs like we do, and you gotta wonder what that’s about. ARGH. More tax cuts, less corruption. I’ll take “Things that will never happen for 1000, Alex”.