Going back to the Moon, Or: Houston, we have a reason

by hulk

So Bush is finally sending us back into space. About freaking time. And yet people are making a big deal out of it, saying it’s silly and a waste of money. They point to the five billion dollar increase in NASA’s budget to occur over the next five years. Wow, between that and Bush’s little flight to that aircraft carrier, it’s a wonder we’re not broke.

On the issue of budget, let me say something about the deficits. Democrats are suggesting we have more taxes on the wealthy to make up for the budget deficit, and eliminate tax breaks, because “we can’t afford them”. No, the government needs to stop spending, both democrats and republicans. Corrupt bastards keep feeding at the trough giving public money to private corporations through pork legislation and using the kickbacks to fund their re-elections so we re-elect them. There is no reason why our budget should be $1 trillion a year, or 1.5 trillion, or whatever it is now. If we imposed harsh fiscal responsibility on the government, we could easily trim that to $700-800 billion and still fight the war on terror.

We’re just wasting money way too fast, and the government thinks it should still be spending like it did when the capital gains tax money was rolling in. That’s why so many of the states are in dire straights, they didn’t look ahead and spent all the money like the wife of a drug lord. Sooner or later the drug lord gets killed or put in jail and the wife has no more income and has to sell her fancy house, clothes and car. But if that was the government, she’d just tax those around her so she doesn’t have to change her lifestyle. Like the metaphor? My point is, we already pay enough in taxes. Everyone got upset that the wealthy got the most back from the tax cuts. Well duh, the wealthy give the most in taxes! If you’re rich in this country you pay over half your income in taxes. Over half. If you’re upper middle class you give 40% or more. That makes me ill.

To get back to my original subject. The space program was probably the single most influential driving force for the technological boom of the late 20th century. We’ve learned so much from going to space, both in the things we’ve learned out there and the things we’ve learned in the process of getting there. We need a new space program to continue the technological drive. This program will benefit all of humanity, and we can finally start answering the whole question about life on Mars, which should be neat. And we’re getting out of that stupid International Space Station, which has proven to be a dismal failure because the rest of the world is content to let the Russians build it and run it while we foot the bill. If Europe wants it so bad, let them pay for it. We’ve been sitting on our butts in the space race because the communists fell, but we need to race against ourselves if we’re ever going to get anywhere. Besides, I want them to discover warp travel because I think Einstein was wrong about the whole speed of light as the universal limit thing.

I am SO arrogant.