Year: 2004

  • That time of year

    It’s that time of year again when I have to fork over some cash to keep Halffull on the web. I don’t want to sound like PBS or a hobo, but this year, you can help. The Halffull store has always been available for you to buy swank goods, but I’ve set up a special […]

  • Binary Decision

    So I’m sitting at work, perusing assembly code for missile guidance systems, and I realize… I just might be a geek. And then I realized that I probably shouldn’t be doing this at work, nor telling you. But it is funny. And thank God for secure connections. I mean, how could I properly slack off […]

  • Square Meals equals Round Person?

    I’ve been gaining weight recently – and if you know me, you realize that’s probably a good thing. I couldn’t figure it out, because I never exercise or diet, and I’m eating roughly the same food. However, here is what I postulate. Three square meals per day will kill you. Yes, that’s right. I can […]