Gung Ho, Or: Damn Red China

by hulk

So Bush is pressuring China to stop keeping the yen artificially low and has imposed tariffs on some polyester materials manufactured in China. Yes, China is gunning for us in all ways, including industrial production. Yes, there is a huge import/export deficit. But theres a couple problems here. First of all, someone’s gotta pay for the increased prices of those polyesters. That means instead of the companies that make them here taking a hit, consumers have to pay extra for lots products that are manufactured in China.

Tariffs are crap, I’m sorry. They are in no way a solution for job loss. If ya ask me, there needs to be some federal law about how much the CEO of a public company makes versus how much other employees make. Yeah, there should be some special rule exempting people who own their own companies, but that’s mostly small business. My problem is big business, where 70% of the workforce of a company (made-up numbers are fun) earn 40K a year while the CEO earns 30 million.

Aside from that, the evil communist premiere of China, Wen Jiabao, made a good point: the companies that own the plants in China aren’t Chinese. They’re American. American firms, in order to get cheap-as-hell labor costs, outsource labor to China and then ship the stuff back, and its still cheaper than paying for American workers. That’s arguably fair capitalism, but it sucks for American workers. Paradoxically its great for the American consumer, so what the hell do you do? Especially since – and this is a biggie here – people who work in America also buy stuff. Which would you rather have, a job or cheaper stuff? Well too bad because the asshole who earns 10,000% of your salary has already made his decision.

If we’re gonna blame someone for the trade deficit, let’s blame the evil corporations who are raking in the profits while closing plant after plant. WORKERS OF THE WORLD UNITE, YOU HAVE ONLY YOUR CHAINS TO LOSE (and you get nifty AFL-CIO pins).