The wrap, Or: What was wrong with the sandwich?

by hulk

So I had yet another crappy wrap today. And I was thinking about wraps in general. And I realized that I have never had a wrap that I enjoyed more than a sandwich. Ever since the mid-90’s, the wrap has become this hip thing that every eatery has to have, the alternative/replacement to the sandwich. The idea is you take the ingredients for a sandwich and wrap them up in a flatbread of some kind.

Problem is, the bread they use is always really dry and powdery. In addition, wrapping technique varies, and in most places is so haphazard that half the meat and cheese and vegetables are bundled inside 2-3 layers of this crap bread with the rest of it sticking out the back. And for the poor bastards who get this with some kind of dressing or sauce, it’s all dripping out the back and all over your shirt/plate. It’s *disgusting*, especially for someone who’s so OC about food he eats ribs with a fork and knife just so his hands dont get messy. Tell me honestly one incidence where the sandwich doesn’t kick the wrap’s ass. I swear I’m gonna find the evil little mutant who started this revolution, who’s probly the owner/operator of some midwest sandwich shop and I’m gonna torture him until he stops making wraps. And then I’m coming after everyone else.