A Fun Game

by hulk

I’m feeling creative. So let’s all play a fun little game. It’s about conspiracy theories. I’m sure many of you know about the Illuminati and the NWO and all that…so here’s how it’ll go. I’ll say something crazy, and you refute and/or say something crazier, and we keep the crazy train rolling until we eventually arrive at the “truth”.

Here goes:
The word Illuminati means “Bearers of Light”. The Angel of Light is Lucifer. Clearly the Illuminati are satanists. In addition, to be a member of the Illuminati, you must be highly intelligent and have some sort of very useful skill/power. Obviously they are hoping to acheive, through membership, an organization of the best human beings. Once they have assembled a group to their satisfaction, they will eliminate the rest of the world’s population and start over with a more perfect species. This is because they feel the rest of humanity is holding them back in the galactic race and they hope to bring humanity up to speed to be able to compete with Alien races within the next century. There are several theories on what avenue the Illuminati will use to destroy us all, my current bet is global warming. It’ll kill us all off through famine and flood, then they can stop the CO2 production and clean up the atmosphere by using immense catalysts, currently under construction, and emerge from their bases under the polar ice caps and colonize the mountains that remain above the water.

Protecting us from the Illuminati are the military-industrial complex, who developed the A-bomb and started the cold war to prevent this. See, an a-bomb destroys property and resources as well as kills, and poisons the earth irreversibly (well, at least for quite a while). We all know the a-bomb wasn’t necessary to win WWII, it’s obvious it was made for another purpose. And the Cold War was just as obviously fabricated. And through the Cold War, they were able to justify intense atomic buildup, to the point where having the bomb is seen as a status symbol in the world. Hence, through the threat of MAD (mutually assured destruction), they’re able to keep the Illuminati at bay by threatening to pull the trigger and ruin the planet for their plans at any time.

Get as creative as you can!