Jimmy Hoffa’s buried somewhere in Elizabeth, Or: Giants Stadium

by hulk

Alright, so I read an article this week about this contractor who retires and sells his business for $500 million. He gives a chunk of that to his employees and offers to give a huge chunk to form 15 little high schools in the inner city of Detroit. The teachers’ union manages to end this by striking and getting the mayor and the governor to retract their support for this generous man’s offer, on the argument that it would hurt the kids left behind in the main schools.

Right. Smaller class size would be worse how? So they argue that the $7,100 (in Detroit) per student that follows the students to these new schools would hurt the students left behind. So wait a second. You’re not tracking these dollars per student? The full $7,100 does not cover an individual student’s education? What are they doing with that money? Hmm, maybe pooling it and then uses it for various purposes, with a small amount dedicated to each child’s education? Sounds about right. This is the problem with unions.

Especially teachers’ unions. But think about it. Unions were formed to provide protections for employees from big companies. Now, there are federal laws about most of the issues unions were formed to address. So what purpose does a union serve today? In the positive respect, they can sometimes force a large corporation to keep their business in America (though very rarely). They can also protect workers from hazardous work or low pay. Recently a bunch of illegal immigrants were rounded up, and I read that one of them was being paid 2 dollars a day by the company he was working for. That’s horrible.

On the negative side, unions have become, in many companies, (most non-manufacturing ones as well) an impedance to productivity. Every attempt to do some work will result in a grievance being filed by some fat, lazy union asshole whose only job is to make sure you don’t try to pick up a wrench to fix a machine or move your PC to a new office by yourself. As far as teachers’ unions, they serve to shut down schools every time they don’t feel they’re getting a large enough Christmas bonus. Teachers are getting more highly paid while education is going down the tubes and kids are getting dumber in many places. Why is that? Why is it that almost every year we pour more money into education and get less for it? Yes, I know, in some places the teachers are underpaid. But the more common story is that teachers are putting their interests far above that of their students – especially in the inner-city schools, letting the places go to hell while they fight for a fatter paycheck. Let’s start making unions illegal. Who’s with me?