Case of the Century: Moron v. Moron

by hulk

So this kid’s gonna be standing trial soon, this North Carolina college student who allegedly put those boxcutters and notes that were found in those Southwest Airlines planes. Right. So here we go with this.

First of all, no real crime was committed here. All that was found was some box cutters, clay, and weird notes in a bathroom of a Southwest Airlines flight. Unless those notes said, “There is a bomb on this plane”, then there’s no charge to be placed. But apparently its a crime nowadays to get things you’re not supposed to bring on a plane past airport security. As if that’s any kind of effort. These idiots will search the shoes of every eight year old that goes by. Way to go guys, I’m sure the bombs are there. That just brings back my idea of requiring all 20-40 year old males to be searched regardless of race, thus simultaneously avoiding any potential charges of discrimination and eliminating any chance of a bomber getting on board. Back to the point. The government has granted itself the power to do basically anything it wants in the name of “security”, from charging someone for an incident as silly as this to revoking your citizenship and trying you in a military tribunal. It’s getting a little too much like a police state, and a whole lot less America. Plus we have this huge new Department of Homeland Security and the TSA. The TSA is like taking a blind man and then plugging his ears and binding his feet together, then giving him a gun and telling him to go have fun. Nothing good can come of that. I’m really glad I’ll be paying at least 40% of my income in a year or so for these kinds of expenditures. It’ll be nice to feel all safe. Oh wait, no it won’t, because all that’s come from this “safety” focus is a bunch of annoyances and no useful security improvements.

You’re probably wondering why I titled this, “Moron v. Moron”. Because this kid is a moron too. I love how the news agencies and every vigilante things they’re gonna save the world by exposing our shitty security procedures. You know what, buddy? You’re a stupid asshole, and you’re gonna get your ass kicked for being a stupid asshole. And I’m not gonna feel an ounce of pity. Yes, we all know the security is fucked. But we also all know that these people are looking to screw the public over any chance they get. So if they catch you mentioning the word, “terrorist” in an airport, they’ll pull you aside and hand you over to the proctologist while saying, “Have a nice day”. So yeah, you thought you were being all smart by getting your shit past security. You win. Moron.