Ahnold goes to Mars

by hulk

“Good evening. Leuitenant Govanah Cruz Bustamante has infohmed me that I should not invade the Mexico with the broom. He said something to the effect, “No Blood for Tahcos”. I did not understahnd this since ve alreahdy have plenty of the tacos in the Taco Bell. But then I opahned the window and saw prohtestors cahling for a recall because they do not like the invasion. Then on the news the John Stossel was interviewing the tiny children at the high school and he asked them why they were protesting. They said, ‘Because we don’t think their should be any blood spilled for Tacos. We should wait for the UN to act.’. John Stossel asked them where they believe the Vincente Fox is, and they replied, ‘In Canada, right?’. I was greatly distressed by these evehnts. Then Sharon Stone came in and said, ‘Hollywood is pissed at you for this war. Alec Baldwin says you should be stoned to death, because he is a civil and good man and said it’s more patriotic to kill our own citizens.’ I then beat her many, many times with the broohm of jahstice because she was an agent of the evil. I plan to flee to China where I will board their new spaceship to go to the Mars, where the ahliens have asked me to start the reactah. Once I come back, I will bring oxygen, I mean Jahstice, to the Mexico. Excuse me while I swim to Chinah.”