Predator 3: Creed takes Pennsylvania

by redshift

I’m proud to be an American. We’ve now had 2 US governors that were stars in Predator. Dutch in California and Blain in Minnesota. One a chaingun-wielding maniac, and the other…. a chaingun-wielding maniac.

Now that the public has finally woken up and realized a good candidate when they see him, I’m starting my own campaigns! First, Carl Weathers for governor of Pennsylvania. Dillon. That’s right, good ‘ole Apollo Creed will control Philadelphia. Maybe he’ll finally get to replace that statue with one of his own, in a large showboating spectacle…

And I saved the best for New York. Sonny Landham, a.k.a. Billy. Sure, he didn’t survive long, but he gave himself up on that log-bridge for the people. If that doesn’t make for a good governor (along with a huge weapons cache, of course) then I don’t know what does. The best part is I’m sure he’d get to meet Hillary Clinton… and I know they’d get along just fine. 😉