Killing Arafat, Or: This is the Song that Never Ends

by hulk

Abbas resigned about a week ago. Congratulations, Arafat, you’ve just ruined a real chance for peace for your people, you _scheming worthless fuck_.

For those of you who weren’t aware, the US began a process about a year ago for the establishment of a Prime Minister post for the Palestinians. Arafat selected Mohammed Abbas, and then began scheming against him behind the scenes, making sure that while Abbas was the figurehead that the West dealt with, Arafat ran the show. He undermined Abbas’ connection to the public, and Abbas finally resigned, recognizing that while he could negotiate with Israel, he could never enfore the Palestinian side of the negotiations. And the road map for peace is no longer paved, but a twisting road of gravel that doesn’t really lead you anywhere but leaves your car looking like hell.

It really amazes me when I think of the rocket scientists on either side of the conflict. No issue is black and white, and to say that either side is merely reacting to each other is to simplify the conflict far too much. However neither side has shown much willingness to make concessions to each other in any significant way. Sharon has spoke about removing the West Bank settlements, much to the dismay of Israelis in those areas, but has offered no real plans for an established Palestinian sovereignty. Meanwhile, the Palestinians demand the release of hundreds of terrorists. What will happen when those people are released? Oh that’s right, they’ll go right back to killing again. And the idiot reporters from Reuters will go over there and report things like, “The Jews eat babies”, and “Ariel Sharon seen dancing with Satan.” I’d have more respect for the Palestinian cause if they weren’t so given to lying every chance they get. The thing is, I’m beginning to feel less and less sympathy for these people. I mean, Sharon never should have been elected in the first place, and he’s a hawk, but he’s beginning to sound like he’s interested in non-military solutions to peace. Arafat isn’t interested in anything but more suicide bombers. I also find it interesting how Arafat holds the purse of donations to the Palestinian cause so tightly, keeping money meant for the people for himself and using it to further his own ends.

I’m thinking what we need is a reclassification of the conflict. Arafat’s title should be changed to “Warlord”, since that’s what he is, and Sharon’s should be changed to “Man who won’t stop pressing the damn trigger.” Every week the Isrealis are engaging in a new missile strike against the house of some terrorist. And the families of terrorists are treated like the terrorists themselves, having their homes bulldozed and sometimes being arrested for nothing other than guilt by association.

The biggest problem is that there is no set goal that either side can agree to. They’re too busy trying to further their own goals. Here’s what I think. The Palestinians are human beings. They deserve a sovereign terrority and the right to democratically elect their own government and live in peace and be allowed to rebuild. Beyond that, other demands are secondary. They aren’t gonna get Jerusalem all to themselves so they should just abandon that goal, and they aren’t gonna get any more land than that which they already occupy. Israelis have a right to go to work and go to the mall without having to worry about some psycho with a bomb strapped to their chest blowing them up. To that end, Arafat needs to be deposed and put before some sort of court for his crimes, and there needs to be international participation in an effort to silence terrorist groups. We can fight the war on terrorism everywhere else, so let’s wipe them out in Israel. It’s the training ground for most of them.

I hate to say it, but beyond a Berlin Wall, I don’t see much chance for peace.