Stop trying to kill the Owls, Or: Only you can prevent forest fires

by hulk

A thought struck me this evening. What happened to Social Security? Wasn’t that a hot-button issue back in the 2000 Election? Don’t I remember some vague nonsense about a “lockbox”, and similar nonsense about gambling away your social security fund, but not calling it gambling, calling it “investing in the stock market”?

And there were other issues too. Such as Enron. And the stock market. And energy resources. Where have all those issues gone? Aren’t they important? Why aren’t any politicans talking about them? All I’ve heard about is abortion and Iraq.

And before the hatemongers mention the word Bush, notice that neither party is talking about these things. *At all*. That’s scary. They’re still big issues. The stock market is still crap. Businesses are still doing shitty accounting. Windows is full of security holes, and investment in alternative energy/fuel cell technology is still minimal. Why isn’t anyone talking about this?
Because politicans play to get elected. They play to win. The issues themselves don’t matter, what matters is whether or not they get elected. Sometimes they actually care about the people, but mostly it’s about holding on to power and getting more power. It’s sick. And we’ve seen good people come up to the plate with good issues. The McCain-Feingold bill could have been America’s political salvation. Unfortunately, it’s passage was too good to be true, and it was quickly neutered in court. And now we’re back to special interests getting our hard-earned dollars(on both sides). Social Security is forgotten because the public doesn’t remember it and there’s no money to be made by any lobby.

Instead of returning to business as usual, we’re engaged in a paranoid exercise of shutting down commerce in favor of security. I beleive the war on terror should be fought vigilantly. Go off into the desert and shoot as many guys as you see that are wearing bombs strapped to their chests. But don’t tell me I can’t fly because I accidentally left a toenail clipper in my overnight bag. And don’t tell me the management of my money doesn’t matter because there’s a war going on. And don’t tell me the environment is irrelevant because there’s a war going on.

This past week the EPA anounced that they were ready to approve a proposal that would forgive thousands of plants from following regulations. The current rules are that if a plant undergoes anything more than routine maintenance, they must also upgrade their pollution controls. The manufacturing and energy lobbies were rejoicing, saying this would save them billions in expensive pollution controls. They said it would free up money to build entirely new, eco-friendly plants. I’ll beleive that one when Al Gore proves he invented the internet.

My point is, where was the outrage? Where were the eco-friendly democrats? Where were the compassionate conservatives? NOWHERE. Because the media practically ignored the story as a non-issue because it wasn’t about Iraq. GOD DAMN IT. Let’s get back to the real issues. The war should be left to the generals and their soldiers, not politicians. We need our politicians focused on home. Focused here. On social security. On getting the economy moving again. On repealing ridiculous rules about air travel. On saving the damn environment. On making ourselves independent of foreign oil. It frustrates me so damn much I wanna hit something. I don’t care about the war anymore. It should be the non-issue. Unfortunately the special interests are getting away with murder while we all look the other way, only concerned with how a presidential candidate feels about abortion and the War.

And then we wonder why we get such assholes in office…