Political Tolerance, Or: Don’t be a Playa-Hatah

by hulk

I find it interesting sometimes, the way that the liberal mindset tends to work.

Democrats claim to be the most tolerant party. Then they divide people into little groups, tell them that they’re different and should celebrate their own culture and should remain a seperate little group. Republicans, often termed the most intolerant group, would rather we all drop the damn hyphens and just live as people. That includes responsibilites as well as benefits. Then the Dems bounce the ball back, saying that certain groups are disadvantaged and always will be disadvantaged and that we need to recongize them as a seperate group in order to provide them with the opportunity to one day be integrated economically as well as culturally. And unfortunately, Republicans just won’t accept certain groups as equals, such as homosexuals.
However the path to equality is still one subject to debate, and unfortunately in modern dogma it is held sacred that every “other” should be drenched in money and other priveleges, such as hate-crime laws, in which the life of one man is apparently worth more than the other because there’s less of him in this country. Murder’s murder, irregardless of reason, and the same people who support letting every damn criminal out of jail because they can be “reformed” support jailing for life some redneck idiot who kills another man for looking different. Yeah, he should be jailed for life, but the reason shouldn’t make a damn bit of difference. Read the rest of this entry »

Stop trying to kill the Owls, Or: Only you can prevent forest fires

by hulk

A thought struck me this evening. What happened to Social Security? Wasn’t that a hot-button issue back in the 2000 Election? Don’t I remember some vague nonsense about a “lockbox”, and similar nonsense about gambling away your social security fund, but not calling it gambling, calling it “investing in the stock market”?

And there were other issues too. Such as Enron. And the stock market. And energy resources. Where have all those issues gone? Aren’t they important? Why aren’t any politicans talking about them? All I’ve heard about is abortion and Iraq. Read the rest of this entry »