The California Recall, Or: Who Wants to Be a Governor, with Regis

by hulk

Rich is back, and Rich is pissed.

I picked up TIME magazine today, and read the opinion page in the back. It was long, rambling, and pointless, and seemed to imply that celebrity’s make bad politicians because they don’t focus on local issues. It compared Arnold to Jesse Ventura, who was basically a long hangover for the state of Minnesota. I read the news articles about the recall as well, in which the author was a shill for Bustamante, painting some kind of underdog picture, while a neighboring article questioned Arnold’s abilities, concluding that Arnold has yet to put out his platform. Hey, knockout reporting, it took you an article to conclude what we were told in a sentence by Arnold’s campaign staff?

So here’s my problem. The opinion article said that local politics are defined by people with civility who sit down and think out ideas on small, state-wide or local issues. Riigghhhtt. Try working in a state office. No one is civil, even if we’re just talking about building a bench. People find a way to get angry about whatever’s in front of them. It’s the way politics works. Yes, many times people work together in meetings, and they’re polite, and by polite I mean they don’t kill each other. But to suggest that a celebrity would make a bad governor because they wouldn’t be concerned by local politics is pretty baseless, as I’ve found most governors don’t take the time to worry about whether a sidewalk is handicap-accessible. And frankly, if Arnold did worry about that I’d say axe him, because California has a little bit more of a pressing issue right now, the matter of a few billion dollars. The article’s really only had a few clear points, and they were about how Fox News, AM radio, and Ann Coulter are all unfair and don’t tell the truth. That’s such obvious liberal bias I won’t even get into it.

I’ve also heard some people getting upset over the California recall, saying it’s “Too much democracy”, to quote Cuomo’s idiot son. Most people are just confused and joke about the porn star who’s running. Yes, 150 people are running for governor. Yes, it can be confusing. You know what? We should be so lucky. Most of our elections consist of a Republicrat and a Demican, who’ve been predetermined by the party (or preliminaries), and you just go to the polls and pull the slot you always did. And now people cry, Oh, this is too hard, we have to think about which candidate to vote for. Boo-hoo. You should think about who you vote for, or else you’re just pulling a lever for your party and that’s pretty damn stupid. So I say, good for California, that it has so many candidates. It’s like a resturant with 150 types of cheeseburgers. I say yummy.
Finally, let me mention something about the wonderful Democratic candidate, Bustamante. He’s currently Lt. Governor. I wouldn’t be so simple as to imply he’s responsible for the debt-crisis, it’s all Davis’s fault for dispensing too much money to too many special interest groups. But he is part of the same administration, and I would think that should provide a little hesitation before thinking he’s the liberal’s great hope for California.

So in summary, it’s good that there’s so many candidates in California, and I think Arnold should be elected because he’s cool. And that’s about as educated a decision as anyone has ever made in politics.