Sean Penn is a jerk, Or: Leave Fox News Alone

by hulk

For those of my friends who are liberal, I apologize. Perhaps you should skip this. For those who are conservative, rejoice, because Rich is pissed off.

Robert Byrd, Sean Penn, and, as usual, the media have gone too far. I’ll go after Sean Penn first because he’s the easiest. The man is a psycho. He took out a full page ad recently in the New York Times to whine about his children’s soul and how he’s a patriot and how Bush eats babies. Let me explain this very clearly. You cannot be a patriot and hate America. Jane Fonda, who visited Communist troops in Vietnam, was not a patriot. Sean Penn, who objects to “consumerism” (aka he’s a commie), and who visited Iraq to kiss Saddam Hussein’s ass, is not a patriot. Sean Penn also wrote that the Iraqi people would be ruined by the war (cause democracy sucks, doesn’t it?) Furthermore, actors are not in any way qualified to tell the public how they should behave politically. Like any other citizen, they are entitled to their opinion, but unfortunately they have a national podium from which to shout their views and many of them are completely irresponsible. Some, including Alec Baldwin promised to leave the country if Dubya was elected. I’m still waiting. Read the rest of this entry »