A little balance is a Good Thing, Or: These Candidates are LOSERS!

by hulk

Ah, the Democrats. I used to be one. In some ways I still am one.

I joined the college democrats at one point, participated in a debate against the right wing bastards representing the college republicans(and both sides just laughed at the stupid Greens). Then I voted for Al Gore, and that was the last straw. My mother almost disowned me. In my defense, it was all to impress a girl(I go to ridiculous lengths sometimes). However I don’t see many people voting for democrats this year, except for people who readily identify themselves as democrats and who vote anyway. What I’m saying is, there is a growing majority of Americans who ignore their right to vote, *and with good reason*. My problem is that politicians give us such good reasons not to vote. Democracy, while superior to every existing alternative, is unfortunately a system in which someone has to get elected, and it might as well be the guy with the good ads. We can’t not vote, and it’s becoming more of a situation where the guy who can actually mobilize voters will win. It’s no longer about convincing those who do vote. And that’s where the problem lies.

See, most of us don’t vote because it doesn’t matter. Whoever we elect, democrat or republcan (third parties don’t win because people think they cant win), will lie to us, funnel our tax dollars towards his buddies, and pass some stupid ass law restricting our rights one way or another. A republican will take your money and tell you not to enjoy sex with your wife cause that’s sinful, whereas a democrat will take your money and tell you you can’t enjoy a good cigar cause it might kill you someday. Ideally, a politician should pass laws we want. But politicians don’t run as packages of ideas, they run as people. We elect a person, who then force their personal beleifs on the rest of us.

As with any generalization, there are widespread and notable exceptions. However I beleive I’ve captured the gist of the public’s cynicism. What, you might ask, does this have to do with democrats in particular?

It has to do with the fact that they owe us. Each and every one of those candidates owe us. If one particular party takes too much power, we have a problem. We need a balance, or at least a close balance. A Republican Senate is good if we have a Democratic House, and a Republican White House is ok if we have a Democratic Supereme Court. The current political situation is republican everything, and if any of the liberal judges on the Supereme Court croak, we’re screwed. I think repealing Roe v. Wade is the first step towards turning A Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood into reality.

Personally I don’t like democrats. I prefer republicans. But I know the danger of one party having too much power. So what we need is a democratic something or other. If it’s gotta be president, then, for the sake of balance, and despite the fact that I like Bush, so be it. Problem is, Bush is far, far ahead. He’s incumbent. He just won a war. If the economy picks up and peace starts coming to the middle east, his next term is guaranteed by a landslide, no matter what his competition. As is it’s starting to look like a landslide.

And the Democratic opposition is pitiful. We have what, six million candidates? Okay, thats a generalization (by maybe a few million). But we have too many candidates, and none of them have much of a message. It’s great that Kerry is a Vietnam Vet. Whoop de freaking doo, that doesn’t mean you’ll make a good president. It’s time for a new line. Al Sharpton is a piece of shit, and the rest of them are a bunch of bland whitebread whiny-ass losers. Their first debate(which no one watched), centered on homosexual rights. You know, I think it sucks when anyone gets discriminated against, and personally, I don’t see any reason why they shouldn’t be able to marry. But lemme tell ya something fellas. Gay Rights isn’t gonna convince the country to vote for you. The Democrats need to stop pandering to little special interests and start convincing the majority of the country that they have something to offer. There’s this whole section of the nation between New York City and California, and there’s a lot of people in that section who are more concerned with not getting blown up by a terrorist and not being taxed so much that little Johnny and Jennifer can’t go to college. Essentially, voters care about money and safety. Everything else is secondary. Bush has got one covered, and is aiming for taking care of the other one. I only hope the democrats beat him to it, cause I’d like to have to make a choice next fall.