Year: 2003

  • Bulbous Bouffant

    Announcing the official Halffull Bulbous Bouffant Mapping Contest! If you haven’t heard the song, watch – and trust me, you’ll need to listen to it a lot. The idea is to make a written map of everything they say, and figure out if it is in fact possible for only three people to be involved, […]

  • Well, that’s that

    I suppose I know it had to happen. It’s almost sad, though, like finding out the easter bunny isn’t real, that storks are only the middlemen, or that Delta Burke won’t be doing another Designing Women reunion. Yes, they’ve found the airspeed velocity of unladen African and European swallows. [p.s. If you don’t know what […]

  • Spammers Give Up

    It’s official. Spammers have officially given up – it no longer matters what they say, so long as you get an email to fill your inbox. I checked my hotmail account that I only use to receive registration emails and such, so of course it’s filled with spam. I see this subject in an email: […]