Go Angels

by redshift

I’d like to congratulate the Angels on winning the World Series and thank them, most of all. American sport. Great season. Yeah.

Most of all because they ended the damn season. Every year I go through the same crap. Good shows being cancelled for the “American Sport.” My ass, when did we take a vote on this? The American Sport should be fucking football.. or billiards, hell, anything but baseball. Pointless boring crap, overpaid athletes, interruption of good television time.

The rest of the world has it right with football. Hell, they get red cards there, and that’s COOL. I get a strangely homoerotic feeling whenever baseball players/managers get in the umpire’s face to do their bitching. And American football? Sissy hankerchiefs. No thanks. Red card for me, you can take that to the bank.