On the nature of arguing in today’s society

by hulk

You know, I’ve been having the problem lately of justifying the opinions that have been posted on this site.

First of all, some of what I say in rants is just talking out of my ass. Second of all, the person in me wants everyone to agree. The intellect though wants argument. I’m only going to advance and be a better person from someone giving me other viewpoints. I was having a conversation with a friend one time where she was talking about feminism and how more people need to understand. I asked if I was a bad person, and when she replied no, I reminded her that while I believe in equality (except for those fucking protestants), I’m not about to jump around rallying for all the various minority causes. I said what she should do is take my incorrect perceptions and “beat them the fuck out of my head.” Basically, my point was that good people exist who don’t necessarily understand other viewpoints, and need to hear them. I doubt my friend understood the plight of the residents of French Polynesia. I’m sure she would benefit from hearing their veiwpoint. I’d even be willing to hear what excuse the protestants would like to give for their existence. My point is, we all need to HEAR other views. Whether or not we agree with them, well, that’s up to us. And any viewpoint where you need to be violent to express, well, 99% of the time you’re dead wrong in thinking violence is the answer.

This week, there was a protest in Washington D.C. Most of the protestors were decrying capitalism, sweatshops, and the razing of forests. Most of these protestors were white males. A bunch of white guys sitting around talking about sweatshops (which I’m sure no one they know has worked in), and making a big fuss and pretending they’re so fucking important. See? See what I did right there? I criticized someone for an action. Criticism. It’s a good thing to an extent. It’s not nice to constantly criticize your friends. But I’m a perfect stranger. Feel free. My point is, I wanna hear someone talk. Whether you agree or disagree, speak up. We all need to hear.