Update: Campaign Promises Fulfilled, Starting Now

In a recent article, I asked how long it would take the newly elected President to make good on his campaign promises. The answer: 20 days.

Tucked into a budget bill that passed both houses of Congress on Nov. 22 was another bill that denies the withholding of federal funding to any healthcare provider or group that does not offer information on or access to abortion. Continue Reading »

That time of year

It’s that time of year again when I have to fork over some cash to keep Halffull on the web. I don’t want to sound like PBS or a hobo, but this year, you can help. The Halffull store has always been available for you to buy swank goods, but I’ve set up a special deal for those of you who would like to donate to help keep Halffull online.

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Question for the Ages

What did Britney Spears mean when she (or whoever pulled her puppet strings at that time) said “Hit me baby one more time”?

Did she mean “hit me” like “give me another card, it’s a poker game”?

Or “hit me” like “I am in a violent relationship and I like it”?

Or “hit me” like “have sex with me”?

Blockbuster Rant Update

Update to previous rant on Blockbuster:

They now carry episodes of South Park, which they previously refused to stock because “Blockbuster is a family corporation.”

Now I am having a crisis. I still want to hate Blockbuster with all of my twisted heart, but they have begun to comply with some of my demands for good entertainment.

Crap. It really sucks when you love to hate something and then it changes a little so you can’t blame everything on it anymore.

Well, I can still be pissed off that Blockbuster offers you ten thousand copies of schlocky teenage blonde girl movies and NOTHING interesting at 9 pm on a Friday night when you really want a good action movie and you’re stuck with “Dumb and Dumberer” or “The Princess Diaries: I’m a Princess and You’re a Fat Slob.”

Yes, I can still be pissed off. The world is still worth living in. Thank you.

The Debate: Gay Marriage

Okay, let’s do it. Clear the table, I’m gonna give you a topic. Gay marriage. Discuss. Continue Reading »

Taking bets on conservative agenda timeline

Well, Bush won the popular vote this time, and polls indicate that many of those who turned out to support him claimed the number one thing they look for in an election race is “moral issues.” My question is this: how long will the newly re-elected President wait before fulfilling some of his implicit promises to the right-wing conservatives who turned out to support him?

How long will it be before he selects a conservative justice to replace the ailing Rehnquist, or tries to pass further restrictions on stem-cell research? How soon will he start working on further restrictions to same-sex marriage?

When one depends so largely on a moral platform to get re-elected, the expectations for the accomplishments of the second term are high. When is it all going to start? I’m guessing about a month — until then we’ll be talking about unifying the country and all being Americans together regardless of party affiliation. Let’s all hold hands for a month before we start screaming “heathen!” “fundamentalist!” and gnashing our teeth, shall we?

I just feel… wrong

What a day to be a conservative. Bush wins re-election, uncontested, with more popular votes than any president since Reagan. The Republicans strengthen their positions in the House and Senate. I didn’t check state legislatures. And Yasser Arafat is ill and is not doing well. I hope Death is waiting outside his hospital room in Paris.

And yet I can’t help feeling…kinda bad. It’s like when you play a game of basketball with a younger sibling and you feel bad when you win 10-0. Not that democrats are younger siblings, I’m just not thinking of a better analogy right now. Something involving competition. So I gotta wonder, how did this happen?

Part of why I feel bad is that this wasn’t supposed to happen. It was supposed to be close. There were supposed to more democrats than republicans. There were supposed to be millions of passionate liberal young new voters. Where were they? Too lazy to vote. Continue Reading »